Spiritual Athlete

Foxcoat UK is a personal training studio and martial arts dojo, designed for educating and conditioning in holistic fitness, movement quality, skills training, mind and senses, and survival tactics. Training is based around an individual's needs, and therefore is suitable for any level of ability. As a small studio the client receives focused attention, delivered in a friendly, comfortable and fun environment.


Group fitness sessions and workshops also available.

Creator and Head Coach at Foxcoat studio. 


• R.E.P’s Level 3 Personal Fitness Trainer


• R.E.P’s Level 3 Nutritionist for Physical Exercise


6th Dan Black Belt Ninjutsu Instructor


• BSc (hons) Philosophy of Man and Environment



    •    Movement Analysis & Development

    •    Lean Muscle / Body Fat Composition

    •    Cardio Conditioning

    •    Nutrition Planning

    •    Strength and Endurance

    •    Parkour & Calisthenics

    •    Animal Movement

    •    H.I.I.T

    •    Circuit Training



    •    Defensive Movement

    •    Bio-Mechanics

    •    Strategy and Tactics

    •    Use of Survival Tools

    •    Energy Awareness

    •    Use of the Environment

    •    Philosophy and Spiritual Development

    •    Goshin Jutsu (Japanese Self Defence)

    •    Samurai and Ninja Arts